3D Capture Artist & Aerial Photographer

Terry Kilby is an acclaimed aerial photographer and 3D capture artist, renowned for his innovative integration of drone technology and software engineering into the realm of photography since the late 2000s. His expertise encompasses a wide range of photographic techniques, including photogrammetry, panoramic photography, and time-lapse videography, with a special focus on creating interactive immersive experiences through augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and mixed reality (MR). Kilby’s unique approach leverages his software engineering background to not only capture breathtaking aerial imagery but also to transform these visuals into engaging, multidimensional experiences. His work not only enriches the field of aerial photography but also bridges the gap between technology and art, offering viewers new ways to explore and connect with the world. This innovative blend of art and technology has garnered significant media coverage, highlighting Kilby’s role as a pioneer in his field.

Throughout his career, Terry Kilby has significantly contributed to the photography and drone communities through his authored books, articles, and case studies, sharing his profound insights on aerial photography, drone technology, and the creation of immersive content. His innovative work supports a variety of industries, including architecture, engineering, and historic preservation, enhancing aerial mapping, virtual tours, and 3D photogrammetry projects. Kilby’s commitment to excellence and his passion for exploring new technological frontiers have established him as a respected authority in his field. By combining his artistic vision with cutting-edge technology, Kilby continues to redefine the boundaries of photography and immersive media, inspiring future generations with his dedication to capturing and crafting extraordinary visual narratives.

In addition to his technological and creative endeavors, Terry Kilby’s artistic efforts have been recognized and showcased in various prestigious venues. His gallery exhibits, including those at the “Top of the World” gallery for the Baltimore Office of Promotion and Arts (BOPA) in Baltimore and the “Deep Fakes: Art and its Double” exhibition for EPFL (The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology) in Lausanne, Switzerland, highlight his diverse talents and the depth of his artistic exploration. Kilby’s aerial photography prints, available for sale on the same site as this text, are printed in high-quality formats such as metal, canvas, and paper, offering art enthusiasts and collectors a tangible piece of his remarkable vision and skill. These exhibits and offerings underscore Kilby’s profound impact on the art world, bridging the gap between traditional photography and modern technological art forms, and solidifying his reputation as a visionary in both the digital and physical art spaces.