RVA - 01.03.21

This image captures a poignant moment at the Robert E. Lee monument in Richmond, VA, set against a backdrop of civil unrest and a global pandemic. The once unblemished statue now bears a mosaic of graffiti, each layer a voice in a larger dialogue of change that swept across the nation. It’s January 2021, and the streets, quieter than usual, frame this historic juncture, offering a contemplative view on the past and present.

This print is available in three formats to suit your taste and décor: metal, framed canvas, or paper, with prices beginning at $15. The framed canvas is stretched over a solid pine frame, boasting a substantial 1.25″ thickness and a weighty canvas fabric, complemented by an open back with rubber pads and ready-to-hang hardware. For a sleeker look, our metal prints offer a luminous, scratch-resistant surface, floating off the wall in a modern display. The paper prints provide a classic touch with a slight gloss that is fingerprint-resistant, creating a durable and timeless piece. Each print style has been meticulously sourced and crafted to ensure a premium addition to your space.

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