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From a calm Jersey City vantage point, this drone photograph by Terry Kilby draws your eye across the Hudson to the familiar silhouette of Manhattan’s skyline at dusk. The scene is a blend of residential tranquility and the distant buzz of the city, captured just as the evening lights begin to dot the landscape. It’s a clear, unassuming glimpse into the layered life of two cities, presented with an honest appreciation for their day-to-day rhythm. This piece quietly celebrates the vast urban narrative and is an ideal accent for those who cherish the subtle interplay of city lights and twilight.

The paper print offers a classic rendition of this urban scene, with a slightly glossy finish that accentuates the photo’s colors and details. At 10 mil thick, the print is substantial yet delicate, and its fingerprint-resistant surface ensures that the vibrant streets of Baltimore remain pristine over time. The high-quality paper is sourced from Japan, ensuring a premium viewing experience.

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