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Welcome to my world of aerial photography. I’m Terry Kilby, and I’m excited to share with you a collection of metal prints that humbly capture the awe-inspiring beauty of our planet from above.

Each of these metal prints is a labor of love, a testament to my deep appreciation for the contrast between man and nature. It’s not about me; it’s about the stunning moments I’ve been fortunate enough to capture. Through my lens, I aim to showcase the breathtaking dimensions and intricate details of the urban landscapes I’ve had the privilege to explore.

Crafted with enduring quality in mind, every print features an aluminum surface that not only guarantees longevity but also adds a modern elegance to your space. A simple MDF wood frame complements the metal’s sleekness, creating a harmonious blend of contemporary style and the raw beauty of the world I’ve witnessed.

Hang these prints, and you’ll witness how they transform your space, subtly floating 1/2″ off the wall, like a window to a world only seen from the skies.

Maintenance is worry-free. These prints are designed to resist scratches and fading, ensuring that their vibrant colors and intricate details remain intact for years to come. Plus, they’re fully customizable, allowing you to choose the perfect piece that resonates with your style and vision.

By bringing one of my metal prints into your home, you’re not just acquiring art; you’re investing in the beauty of our world. Each blank product is sourced from the heart of the USA, upholding not only quality but also supporting local craftsmanship.

Elevate your living space with these aerial photography metal prints, which seek to share the wonder and serenity I’ve experienced in my journeys. They’re not just photographs; they’re windows to nature’s captivating moments. Own a piece of this shared journey today, and let it inspire your own appreciation for the world from a different perspective.

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